Best Drill Ever for Coming Over the Top


Zach addresses a common problem — coming over the top — and the drill to cure it.

Takeaways include:

• Allowing the club to free fall at start of downswing

• Club stays away from ball as long as possible

• No tension in wrists, arms, or right shoulder

Zach illustrates how pros — like Álvaro Quirós and Sean O’Hair — make no effort to accelerate or move their arms towards the ball (especially the muscles along the outside of the right arm and shoulder).


Zach demonstrates the Let It Fall Drill to eliminate coming over the top.


  1. Josh H. says:

    Just wanted to let you know that this video has helped my swing more than anything else ever has. I was making a pretty hard swing and had an over the top move, but couldn’t really shake it. Never even did the drill, just your explanation made it so easy for me to see that I could feel it in my swing immediately. Can’t tell you how much more fun the game is now. this one video gave me instant results…a major break though in my swing. thanks so much!

  2. Fantastic video… but I’d like to see what your legs are doing. Unless you have knobby knees, can you do future videos in shorts? Thanks!

  3. Lou, my knees are fine — I’m just hiding congenitally small calves…

    Great suggestion! I’ll cut some videos in shorts this summer.

  4. Zach, I had to contact you to thank you for the over the top drill on dropping the club. I have been struggling with the shanks for many years and was ready to give up the game completely. Looked at many videos and took lessons, but to no avail. I was trying to change my grip, stand closer or further away, take the club back differently, etc…. But it actually took one view of your video on dropping the club down my back that fixed my issue. It forced me to let loose of the club at the end of my backswing and apparently bring my downswing back on plane. Even though I’ve played golf for 30 years, this one video gave me a whole new feeling in my hands and in my swing that allows me to swing easily and naturally instead of fighting my swing all the time. Thank you so much.

  5. rick caggiano says:


    Same as above, maybe the best drill/feeling I’ve ever tried. 10 hc, shot 76 after using it. Since then, I’m a junkie for your videos. They make so much sense. My problem is that I’m trying to think about my right foot rolling, left knee toward target, hip move , dropping the club, had stay back, all at once and its too much to focus on during a 2 second swing. Thanks again

  6. Dan Carpenter says:

    I very much appreciate your teaching style. The videos are some of the best I’ve seen to date. I particularly like and subscribed to the “let it fall drill and the left knee pointing towards target” videos. I’m somewhat bow legged so it was easy to accomplished the left knee part. The change has been wonderful. Dropping the club at the top has stopped the “over the top” part of my swing and the left knee part has afforded me the ability to create some great power. I really appreciate your teaching methods. It’s easy to see why you are one of the best golf instructors to date. Thanks much

  7. thank you, I appreciate the kind words sir

  8. Glad it helped, KISS

  9. Just watched this video for the first time. This video unlocks a lot of mystery for me! So well explained. I don’t have the issue with my irons but do have it with the woods. It may be based on the woods having longer shafts that I am trying to control the club. A great Ah-Ha moment! Thank You!

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