Grip It for Power


Zach discusses proper grip technique, benefits from strengthening grip, and how grip flaws undermine swing fundamentals.

Key takeaways include:

• Rotate lead hand 45 degrees to right

• Place thumb behind shaft for more leverage

• Hit punch shots with stable club face


  1. Don Dayley says:

    Great tip! Taking this one to the range.

  2. Bibbi furberg says:

    I really like the feeling of hitting balls with the strong grip!
    Does it goes for hitting the woods also?

  3. Yes, that will work for the woods also.

  4. Thanks Don!

  5. Hi Zach-
    Interested to know if application of this strong grip technique would apply to actual putting/putting grip and/or if putting grips are generally designed with this concept already in mind or if the putting grip you applied was simply used for demonstration/example purposes only?
    Your insights are groundbreaking inspirational and far beyond parallel…THANK YOU!

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