It’s All in the Hips


A busy lesson! Zach discusses the relationship between the hips and power, introduces a drill to improve hip rotation, and illustrates with examples from Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson. Plus the immortal Ben Hogan makes a guest appearance…

Key takeaways include:

• Initiate downswing with feet, knees and hips

• Allow club to trail and lag

• Impact should feel delayed–like a late hit


  1. Alistair Beaton says:

    Sorry, Zach, I was intrigued with your impact drill but could not find the rhythm you showed in the video. In a session at the driving range I found it a sure-fire recipe for shanking.

  2. Zach

    in this video it seems as the right foot is lifting in contradiction to your rolling the right ankle video???

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