Filming and uploading your video is easy and can be done with any video camcorder, digital camera or even a cell phone works great. You can have a friend film your swing, or you can even set it up to film yourself.

Lesson Requirements

1. Send us 2 clips from the “Target Line View” and the “Face On View.” For detailed Video Tips.

Additional Questions

Please answer the following questions in your email to help us diagnose your swing:

a) What is your typical ball flight? (Slice, Fade, Hook, Pull, Push)
b) What do you typically shoot in a 18-hole round?
c) When you hit bad shots, what is the ball flight?
d) Please describe in detail any other swing problems you want to address.


Email your clips to We can accept file sizes up to 10MB. Please send separate emails if the file sizes are large.

You will receive the completed lesson video with swing analysis voice over, and side by side comparison in a return email, within a couple of days, to be viewed in the privacy of your own home.

Please allow 3 business days for completed lesson.


Swing Analysis