Full Swing Trainers

“I have incorporated these swing trainers in my lessons for years, with great success….”
Impact Bag
Impact Bag   “Is great for mastering the position and feel for the moment of truth. 2 Time major champion Padraig Harrington sprained his wrist hitting one of these too hard”

Whippy TempoMaster Irons
Whippy TempoMaster Irons   “Great for establishing more rhythm and flow in your motion.”
Momentus Training Clubs-Irons
Momentus Training Clubs-Irons   “Strength training for added distance, and warm up tool, Ben Hogan and Gary Player used them daily.”
Swingyde   “The best trainer to develop the proper wrist set and top of back swing position. Has helped many of my female students.”
Swing Link
Swing Link   “Establishes the lync between arms and body. Great for those suffering from overactive arms or a disconnection between arms and body. Used by 6 Time major winner Nick Faldo”

Impact Decals
Impact Decals   “A must have for beginners in learning the proper feel and sound for center and off-center impacts.”
SwingSpeed Radar
SwingSpeed Radar   “Develops and measures ballsitic speed for greater distance. Used by many National Long Drive Champions.”

Full Circle Swing Trainer
Full Circle Swing Trainer  “A large investment but worth it for developing the proper swing plane and path.”
Foot Wedge
Foot Wedge  “Great for establishing the proper brace in your rear leg and knee, what many believe to be Ben Hogan’s greatest secret.”

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