How long do golf balls last?

      — Steve, Chicago

As long as you can keep them in play!

But seriously, today’s golf balls last longer than ever — up to seven rounds according to Golf Digest… and in my experience, even longer.

As long as your ball has no serious scuffs or scratches, keep using it.

Full Swing Trainers

“I have incorporated these swing trainers in my lessons for years, with great success….”
Impact Bag
Impact Bag   “Is great for mastering the position and feel for the moment of truth. 2 Time major champion Padraig Harrington sprained his wrist hitting one of these too hard”

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Short Game Aids

Chip 'n Pitch

Chip ‘n Pitch

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Chip Control

Light A Match

Admit it. Chipping isn’t exactly exciting. Some might say it’s downright boring. It certainly isn’t as thrilling as busting a drive 300 yards down the middle. But as a golf instructor in Burbank, I have found that if you want to shoot the lights out (or save par), the only way to do it is to get the ball close to the hole, and it’s chipping that’ll do that. [Read more…]