The Last Lesson You Will Ever Need


It’s back to basics as Zach simplifies the golf swing.

Key points include:

• Arms, hands and wrists swing vertically

• Body turns level and horizontal to the ground

• Combining the two recreates every position of the golf swing


  1. Billy H. says:

    I just watched your video. I’m scratching my head saying is it that easy? Lol…I though that was a fantastic video… I’ve spent so much money on lessons and training aids over the years. My index now is a 10 and I have 20 swing thoughts going through my head on every shot. I spend hours watching videos on line and i try everything. I just want to simplify my swing, get better and not think so much over every shot.

  2. Thomas J. says:

    Zach , just watch your Last Lesson You Will Ever Need on youtube, great video. My question is after you bring your hands straight up and turn to get into the first position at hip high at 1:05 of the video. Is the rest of the backswing just simple raising the hands up ? I am confused there.

  3. Yes that is correct.

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