The Magic of the Right Arm


Zach revisits the dreaded shanks — and introduces the “water bottle drill” to cure them.

Key takeaways include:

• Right arm vertical drop

• Right arm touching top of right hip

• Club returning to original plane line


  1. Michael Gallagher says:

    Thanks Zach. I think this will really help me as have your other instructions. With your help I cut my handicap in half from a 15.

  2. A great tip. When I was young, I used to take everything out of my right pants pocket so I could get close to my right thigh…but later I got away from it — I think because my divots started to point way right of the target. I have a tendency to overdo a good thing. This tip provides audio and tactile feedback and still gives the right arm enough clearance to avoid getting trapped behind the thigh.

  3. PhilHenry says:

    What is your video where you talk about what the right arm does on the downswing – you said ” it straightens at the elbow and retains the angle with the wrist ” I believe – I cannot find it again – thank you – your videos are very helpful. I’m a 15 handicap trying to get better.


  4. The Secret of the Right arm.

  5. Why compare a driver (Baddley) with a mid iron? It does not look like Stenson swings this way with a driver. Am I wrong?

  6. Rich Mendoker (Dokes) says:

    I found it damn near impossible to hit the bottle. Maybe because of the cargo shorts? However in trying to get as close as I could, paying attention to the distance between my hands and the right thigh, the ball flew off straight and consistent. I also was using the Golf Swing Shirt at times to keep me connected. I’ll keep up with the bottle drill (although I may have to stuff a gallon milk jug stuffed in there).
    Zach Allen drills are great.
    Only wish I could make it out to Calf if just to take a lesson. Thanks

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