“Zach, I love your YouTube videos! Very insightful! I played college golf and I’m now taking the mini tour route to follow my dream.”

— Zach, February 2017


“Hi Zach, I’ve enjoyed your youtube videos.”

— Donald, February 2017


“Hi Zach, I am a 64 year-old-guy from Switzerland (hcp 23,7). I haven’t had enough time to practise the wonderful golf Sport. I tried a lot with old and new methods, but my golf did not improve. Then I found you on Internet and your teaching convinces me totally.”

— Andy, January 2017


“Zach, I have struggled with shanks for over 2 years. I was a12 hc. I have taken numerous lessons from 2 different PGA teachers, including a series from a national golf indoor instruction firm, complete with tie-on straps and angle monitors for over $1,000. None has been as helpful as your $9.99 iBook, boldly titled with my affliction. Had I only found this 2 years ago! After studying your book for one evening, I determined my main problem was spine angle. Today I played, concentrating on maintaining my address angle. I had a phenomenal round, hitting 8GIR. I only hit 1 shank on the last hole, because I got excited. I will practice your drills, but I think you’ve solved my problem and restored my confidence! Thank you so much for making golf fun again.”

— Stephen, January 2017


“I am a big fan of your YouTube content.”

— Anthony, January 2017


“Just watched your video on “Never Get Stuck Again” today. I’m a 3 handicap and have struggle with getting stuck or humping the goat for 2 years. Misses were blocks, hooks and toe shots. I have taken lessens with PGA pros that had me radically changing my swing. Some lessons worked for awhile, but it was all based on timing. With all that said, I used your video lesson on the range today and I never hit it better! Can’t wait to play and try it on the course.”

— John, January 2017


“Hi Zach, thank you so much. I have been following you on you on YouTube and following your advice.”

— Brian, January 2017


“Love the videos and your overall teaching style! Just found your website and will take a look around at books and DVDs.”

— Scott, November 2016


“I’m really impressed by your professionalism. Your videos are top notch.”

— Joseph, November 2016


“You’re an awesome teacher.”

— Michael, November 2016


“Let me thank you. Your videos have helped me and my kids learn the many aspects of our favorite sport.”

— Gary, November 2016


“I came across your YouTube videos and was impressed by the instruction level.”

— Ed, October 2016


“Your videos have been an immense help and I have your book Tournament Golf. Many years ago I took lessons from 2 Top 100 teachers. You have a much much better understanding of the game.”

— John, October 2016


“Zach. Just found your comparison of Tiger Woods’ swing with 2 instructors and greatly enjoyed it.”

— Kiran, September 2016


“Just wanted to thank you for the great YouTube videos. They have, more than all the countless lessons I’ve taken, really helped to improve my swing in a short period of time. Your clear explanations as to why certain positions in the swing are so important are terrific. The drills you demonstrate really are effective and efficient towards making dramatic and quick improvement. Your instruction on the proper use of the right arm and the transition move of bumping forward the lead hip have unlocked some newfound power and better ball flight.”

— Ryan, September 2016


“Hi Zach, I’ve watched your golf videos on YouTube and find them very helpful. I am really struggling to work out of shank hell. I’m using your drill to get there. Keep it coming.”

— Robert, August 2016


“I wanted to comment on your YouTube lesson on shank, I played good golf until last couple weeks started to shank, found your video, you are a great teacher, I was able to identify my issue based on your lesson.”

— Danny, August 2016


“Your video lessons helped me more than anything else to improve my game. There are a lot of videos online, however I believe yours are the best.”

— Rick, August 2016


“Your drills and tips are great. You can put practical training into video drills and lessons like no other. Most notable is the cause and affect of the flaw as well as the proper training to correct the flaw. Fundamentally solid instruction.”

— Richard, July 2016


“Hey Zach. I’ve never contacted an instructor regarding a YouTube video before, but your video entitled “Never Get Stuck Again” has changed my swing for the better in such a dramatic way that I had to contact you personally to say thanks. I’ve gone from a constant state of anxiety and worry about where my tee shots were going (and a great deal of physical stress from trying to wrench the clubhead back to square), to a point where my swing feels fluid and effortless, with repeatably good results. If I lived in your area I would most assuredly sign up for lessons with you, but until such time as I find myself living on the beautiful west coast I’ll have to settle for YouTube. Guys like you make the game better for all of us, so thanks once again.”

— Dave, June 2016


“You do a great job with your YouTube videos. Learned a lot. Thank you.”

— William, June 2016


“Zach, i am 59 years old and like most non pros have/had the over the top casting swing for ever. Two weeks ago googled over the top and came across your video. I have had many many tries on how to stop that (of course to no avail) but your video changed all of that. First time i could visualize “dropping” down to start the swing was the red line with the amature and the pro and the head of the club staying below that line.

“WOW finally.

“I practiced the swing for about a month this spring in my man cave, low ceiling, no problem. You can tell when you “cast” immediately. When it was nice enough to hit the course this spring I tried it. At first some pushes, and beaver pelts, but finally, slowly, coming around. I stuck with it. It is an incredible feeling to look up and see the shot not snap left, push right, but just pretty.

“I cant thank you enough. I don’t know if this is your idea, but its incredible. I am spreading the word when people ask about my beautiful swing. I tell them watch Zach Allen.

“I even told my club assistant pro (who has been trying to stop this for me forever), laying a club cover, box, stick, whatever. Told him he should watch your video. If only more people could see this. Truly amazing 🙂

“Keep up the good work Zach!”

— Dan, May 2016


“Just stumbled onto your lessons on YouTube. Excellent!!! That image of “around the corner” on the down swing gave me a great visualization. Also your lessons give me a much clearer understanding of Hogan’s 5 fundamentals as regards the downswing. Great job!!”

— Dennis, May 2016


“I’m one of many international fans of your videos. I have learned many tips from your videos. I can’t thank you enough for it.”

— Takahiro, May 2016


“Of the many YouTube golf instruction videos I’ve seen, yours provided the clearest explanations and intellectually made the most sense.”

— Steve, April 2016


“Great work on your shank cure drills; I play to a 3.1 hcp index; am 45 years old and a former college and minor league baseball player. That baseball playing (as a hitter) had historically krept into my golf and produced better player inside-out shanks with a relatively closed club face. Your videos and book have been life changing for me as a golfer; providing me with the tools necessary to ingrain a more consistent swing plane.”

— Mike, March 2016


“I’m 48. I’ve been golfing since I was 12. I’m a 10 handicap and I’ve never had a lesson in my life. I went home last night after watching Your Best Drill Ever For Coming Over The Top and I have never in my golfing life hit such incredible shots–just sick, effortless, towering slight draws. I finally get it. I had trouble sleeping last night because I was so jacked up about my new swing that you gave me. Can’t wait to get home and hit some more.”

— Jay, March 2016


“Hello Zach. I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from your YouTube videos.”

— Mark, February 2016


“Hi Zach, I think your video on how to let the club free fall to get in the slot is terrific. I spent a couple hours practicing it and I’m making progress, but as you would expect, it’s challenging to learn how to generate power without effort.”

— Bruce, February 2016


“As an avid golfer of 48 years old, I really appreciate your different videos, drills and analysis… Are you sometimes in Florida to give lessons? I would really like to spend time with you in the range.”

— Robert, February 2016


“I thought I’d just drop you an email to say thanks for the great YouTube tutorials. I am 65 years old and have been playing since the age of 7. My handicap has been stuck on 8/9 for the last forty years, despite having many pro teachers. Since finding your YouTube tutorials in October 2015 my handicap is now coming down nicely, regularly now shooting 3-5 over par in English winter conditions. I find your methods of instruction clear, accurate and easy to implement (with patient practice). Looking forward to some par rounds in the Spring. Again many thanks and will keep using your tips.”

— Colyn, January 2016


“Let me say after playing golf for 20 years you are by far the best communicator and inspire of the game. The last time I felt I got so much out of instruction was when I read Gary Player’s book on golf when I was 10.”

— Robert, January 2016


“I love all your videos! My favorite one is The Magic of the Right Arm.”

— Irvin, December 2015


“Thank you for your great tips. You have a great teaching ability, a gift to reach the student. I have been helped greatly by your teaching and feel I would like to send you a gift to show my appreciation for all your efforts. I am sure we will never cross paths but you have helped me to become a better golfer. Thank you! Please send me an address so I can send you a jugs of maple syrup from here.”

— Orville, November 2015


“I enjoy your videos and have learned alot of great information from them. I (daily) use many of your practice drills to help improve my swing and have had good results.”

— Charlie, November 2015


“I love your teaching style and videos. They make the most sense to me and have helped me already. I would love to have a few lessons from you.”

— Azhar, October 2015


“I really like the way you explain the swing and wish I lived closer so I could take advantage of taking lessons in person.”

— Kirk, October 2015


“Your videos are by far the best online.”

— Larry, September 2015


“Zach, your online videos are incredible!!… You have a ‘gift’ for teaching and recognizing golfers strong and weak points!!!…… And the real plus is you have good communication skills and that is so rare while most “pros” tend to have my way or the highway attitudes. I have recently started playing golf again and I look forward to taking a lesson from you.”

— Patrick, September 2015


“Love your stuff man. Keep putting it out.”

— Troy, September 2015


“Zach… I’ve been watching a lot of your videos. I’ve been a golf YouTube junkie for a while know and I would have to say your style of teaching is the best because you incorporate feel with mechanics which hits home with me.”

— Toby, September 2015


“I am an ardent fan of your videos and I recently purchased the ebook about the Shank. I am a 2’hdcp. I strike the ball pretty well but around the greens I occasionally shank a 20 to 30 yard pitch shot. It has ruined many good golf rounds. Because of my fear of shanking around the greens my overall short game has suffered.”

— Juan, September 2015


“I am a golf instructor. I’ve taught golf for over 30 years and at present, besides individual lessons, I am also the golf coach for high school girl’s and boy’s golf teams.

“I’ve struggled for many years, trying over and over to push a square peg into a round hole. Meaning the trials and tribulations I’ve gone through teaching golf trying to get the message across to my students with the frustration that occurs too often. Either on my part or theirs. I am extremely thankful I found your videos on Youtube. I’ve had more success lately, using your videos as aids to help people understand what’s required, than at any other time in my career. I am grateful to you. Thank you.”

— Patrick, September 2015


“Thank you for the very informative and well done YouTube videos.”

— Kirk, September 2015


“I stumbled upon your YouTube videos and made my way to your website. So far I have really enjoyed your videos and I have been practicing some of your tips. I like a lot of your concepts and your approach to fixing some common errors really speaks to my swing.”

— Jeff, August 2015


“Getting into golf again after a long time away from the game. I wish you were available years ago…. Brilliant drills and key points. I have no doubt I will be playing off a low single figure again with your teaching material. Better than anything I’ve seen…”

— Dean, August 2015


“I am an avid golfer of the past 30 years and would like to say… thank you. Finally golf instruction that makes a difference. I have played to a 3 handicap in the past and have found your tips and video instruction to be the missing link to re-establishing my good play. Thanks again for your dedication to helping we mere mortals achieve our golfing goals.”

— Jeff, July 2015


“Just wanted to give you some feedback from my online lesson. I took your advice and stuck with it. I had a few struggles the first couple times I played. After that I began striking the ball much better. Recently shot some very good scores under par. Best thing is I never even practiced, I just took the changes to the course and played. I have never experienced asuch a complete turn around in my game. You’re a genius! I have recommended you to everyone I know. And I will submit another video for you to analyze, I know with your help I can improve even more.”

— Morris, July 2015


“Hey Zach, I have taken a few lessons about a year ago and you completely transformed my game.”

— Pete, July 2015


“Huge fan of your online videos on YouTube. Very insightful.”

— Mark, July 2015


“I finally said “that’s it” and looked at my swing on video for the first time in 15 years. After I got sick and stopped crying your teaching has been very helpful.”

— Darren, July 2015


“Great instructional vids.”

— John, July 2015


“I just recently watched your video about proper sequencing in the golf swing. I think you demonstrated a great drill.”

— Robert, June 2015


“Thank you for your videos.”

— Jesus, June 2015


“Just wanted to say that I… have found your tips to be easy to implement and most important have been a huge help with some swing fallacies. A lifetime golfer I have a single digit handicap and as you can appreciate, improving from a 5 to a 3 or scratch is measured in inches, not miles. I was pulling the ball every now and then but by trying your trick of dropping the club at the top of my swing has worked wonders to improve the swing lag. Keep up the good work.”

— Mike, June 2015


“I just wanted to offer a sincere ‘thank you’. I have been struggling with coming ‘over the top’ for a long time. I followed your suggestions on YouTube: 1) the water bottle in the right front pocket drill 2) “rolling” your right ankle in and 3) letting the club fall at the top of the backswing. I had the best ball-striking practice session I have had in a very long time last night!!”

— Bernie, April 2015


“I’m a huge fan of your instructional videos and making concepts easy to understand and incorporate. Thank you and keep up all the great work!”

— Stephen, April 2015


“I want to extend my appreciation and gratitude to all your golf tips on YouTube. It really helps my golf swing, and my 14-year-old son, Ethan’s.”

— Diosdado, April 2015


“Hi Zach. I looked at a couple of your videos, and your treatment of “coming over the top” resonates with me.”

— Terry, April 2015


“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your mini golf lesson YouTube videos. I’m a 65 year old 12 handicap that grew up in Southern California and have been around golf for many years. I have taken lessons and watched many golf videos over the years. After watching a number of your videos, I feel your concepts and manner of instruction are about the best I have ever seen. Your easy to understand drills are very effective in making positive corrections to common golf swing flaws. Thanks again.”

— Barry, April 2015


“Your tips and drills are some of the best I have watched! (Been playing for over 50 years.) They do an excellent job in addressing the old adage you have to go a mile to gain an inch! Only wish you were in Atlanta, GA.”

— George, March 2015


“Thanks for all of your great instruction.”

— Ron, March 2015


“I am really grateful for your excellent videos, which make a lot of sense and have helped me understand the golf swing better than any lesson I’ve had.”

— Jon, March 2015


“Had yips in short game. Reread your 2012 article in Golf Tips Magazine. Hit great flop shots golf tips “green side greatness” best of golf tips 2012! Thanks!!!”

— Marc, March 2015


“I am your great fan.”

— Changsup, March 2015


“Love your teaching…”

— Jim, February 2015


“Hi, Zach. I am a huge fan of your videos.”

— Chip, January 2015


“[I] love your videos they are awesome and very helpful.”

— Adam, January 2015


“Favorite instructor on web!!”

— Steve, January 2015


“I just wanted to thank you for a couple of videos you posted on Youtube that has really helped my golf game immensely. The “All in the Hips” video with Ben Hogan, Rory Mcilroy and Dustin Johnson has done wonders for my transition and downswing. I was also struggling with getting comfortable with my putting setup prior to reviewing your “Putting Fundamentals” video. But what I enjoy the most from your video’s is that they are not filled with tons of talking…”

— Darryl, January 2015


“I am currently playing off a handicap of 4 and would like to understand the swing more. I’ve been following your videos on YouTube and it is helping my game.”

— Alun, January 2015


“I am a 52 year-old golfer and live in Rochester, New York. I have been looking at your videos for about a week now and have used a number of your drills at my local indoor golf range. I have seen dramatic improvement in my ball striking and want to thank you. Keep up the great videos.”

— Karl, January 2015


“Thank you for your explanations on the website, much is getting clearer.”

— Ton, December 2014


“Hi Zach. I just discovered you. I love your instruction and tips.”

— Jerry, December 2014


“You do really nice work!”

— Dave, December 2014


“Just wanted to say thank you. I began playing golf about 8 months ago, and the videos that you have provided on YouTube have helped me go from a guy that hasn’t had a real life lesson that shot well over 100, to a guy that hasn’t had a lesson that just shot 90 over the weekend with 4 pars and 1 birdie on the front 9. It is very giving of a golfer and person of your caliber to release that information for free, and it is very much appreciated.”

— Mark, November 2014


“I made a huge improvement with my iron swing after watching your Youtube video clips, especially ‘The Delayed Hit’. It was a whole new world. Thanks a lot!”

— KH, October 2014


“I have spent the last 3 months shanking. Tried a lot of things, saw your video on shanking, watched it 3 times, went to driving range & started hitting balls like my old self. Thanking you. Now looking forward to playing golf again.”

— Mike, October 2014


“I came across your videos at the beginning of this summer and my game has improved by leaps and bounds by doing the drills in your videos. I’m actually putting more often for birdies than for bogeys (or worse).”

— Victor, September 2014


“Your insights are groundbreaking inspirational and far beyond parallel… THANK YOU!”

— Jordan, August 2014


“I really appreciate the videos. Your lessons are concise and extremely informative. I feel like you have the answers I’m always looking for.”

— David, August 2014


“Dear Zach, greetings from Bakersfield California. Just wanted to say thank you so much for your tip on ‘slowing down to speed up’. You are so right on with the right shoulder and body/head moving and destroying club head speed. I really feel this when I find myself throwing my body at the ball. I believe 8 out of ten golfers I play with in our weekend game have this problem. This is the first tip I have seen that ever addresses this. Thanks again.”

— Jim, August 2014


“Zach, the shanks hit me in the middle of a competition a few weeks ago. They were so bad I pulled out of the next comp. as it felt as if all my confidence had drained away. I tried a few drills on the practice ground with mixed results but still couldn’t get back out on the course. I tried your method the other night and not only hit straight shots again, but hit them with confidence. Thank you so much.”

— David, August 2014


“I have found your YouTube videos to be by far the most helpful out there.”

— Steven, August 2014


“Thank you for the video post of the drill to stop coming over the top. I have always struggled with this and have tried all sorts of swing thoughts, drills, and you name it. This was exactly the right thing for me. After only trying a couple of times I hit the ball the best I have in several months. Thank you for the free tip.”

— Mike, August 2014


“I’d like to complement you on your awesome swing as well as your knowledge of the golf swing. I’ve watched several, probably most, of your videos and find many of the concepts very insightful.”

— Ray, August 2014


“Zach, your tip in a recent magazine about retaining the cup in your left wrist is pure magic! I am a low hdcp. player in South Carolina, my misses have usually been left, as in a hook, esp. with the driver. If I keep my left wrist cupped (not bowed) I can let it rip with no fear of hitting it left. I also use this thought chipping and putting. Thanks for a great tip!”

— Jim, July 2014


“I just wanted to send you an email in regards to how awesome of a job you do, specifically on your videos. I have used your videos for a number of corrections in my golf swing and have turned them over to friends who are looking for help on their own swings. Keep up the good work!!”

— Marcus, July 2014


“Zach: Love your teaching style. Watched every one of your videos and you talk in a way I understand.”

— Dack, July 2014


“A buddy and I both struggle from coming over the top with the improper sequence of our upper body muscles trying to control the golf club. I had just recently come across your “you tube” video relating to this subject and described your drill to him. Within just minutes of putting your drill to practice we both were experiencing something we have never experienced prior. An ‘effortless lagging’ delivery of the golf club. Having experimented with all kinds of drills in the past, your drill is without a doubt the most effective in providing your audience a rather painless pathway to executing a key fundemental sequence necessary to play better golf. Pure Genius”

— David, May 2014


“I just wanted to compliment you on your YouTube videos. They have helped me simplify my own game. I am a bit of a touring amateur player and last year my game hit a major slump. My confidence was beat into the dirt and at one point in late July I could barely commit to any swing. Even longer pitches and chips. My dad told me to ‘get it back to the basics’ so in my free time I watched YouTube lessons to learn as much as possible. It wasn’t long before I found yours. Now, whenever I have a problem with the direction of my shots, I start with your vids to see if it is an easy fix on my own. Basically, Thank you for bringing my full swing game back from the major crater it was stuck in for 3 disgusting months of competitive golf. I can feel some really good golf around the corner. Course records, beware!”

— Kyle, May 2014


“Zach, I just had to post this to say that after finding your YouTube training videos you have completely enhanced & improved my golf swing so substantially & so quickly I still can’t believe it, after so many years of searching to improve my game. The special way you’re able to communicate along with using simple sample products (such as the water bottle in your pocket video) can give a novice player such an advantage as far as comprehending it all. Not only are you the best instructor on the World Wide Web, but in my view the best instructor on the damn planet. Best Regards!”

— Richard, May 2014


“Hello Zach, I have been checking out the swing of Ben Hogan… Reading his Five Lessons and a book called Ben Hogan’s Magical Device. I came across your videos and was so happy that you have explained many of the ideas that Mr. Hogan practiced. I have saved all the videos and play them often. Thank you so much for your discussion of vital points like keeping the right elbow and hands close to the body on the downswing. All your videos are some of the best I have seen. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to venture from Colorado to California for some quality instruction.”

— Jack, April 2014


“Hi Zach, I live in Melbourne, Australia and I have been watching your instructional videos and just one word: Brilliant! The drills have really helped me to get that rhythm and confidence in my swing which has had a great improvement in my game. So I will be continuing to study your videos.”

— Vimal, April 2014


“Thank you very much for yesterday’s lesson. I truly appreciate. This 2 hours with you really lifted my confidence and was the nicest moment ever in my short golfing adventure. I wish to see you more often.”

— Edward, April 2014


Thank you so, so much for all your tips, but especially for the latest one: Delayed Hit. I’m new to the game, but took lessons last year with 2 different teachers. And although they tried their best, I just couldn’t grasp the “how” of the correct iron stroke — until now. I watched your video yesterday and ran out to the practice area to try it. I had it in five minutes with an abbreviated backswing. And after a couple of hours today, I was consistently doing it with a full swing. This is nothing short of an epiphany and I can’t thank you enough. The feeling of the ball climbing up the club face was like nothing I had felt before and I can’t wait for the snow to melt here in Michigan and get out to the course.”

— Stu, March 2014


“I am a fan and with your guidance I have been able to drop my handicap from 18 to 8.8.”

— Mark, March 2014


“Great stuff. Will be sending you my swing as soon as the weather breaks here in Cleveland for analysis. My friends and I love these videos.”

— Tom, March 2014


“I would like to thank you for your very useful drills. They help improve my technique. I really appreciate that.”

— Tu, February 2014


“I watched your video about coming from the top. Excellent. It worked! I am struggling with shanks with short irons. I imagine that is related to the same problem of anxiety. Is it? I have had lessons with Bob Totsky, Davis Love (father), Bob Rotella, and I am friend of Michael Hebron. I have been in various academies of Jim Mclean, Jack Nicklaus, and Ledbetter and no one had ever explained to me so well this issue. Thank you.”

— Juan, February 2014


“I think your ‘Last Lesson you will ever need video’ is terrific. I have never seen the golf swing presented like this.”

— Richard, February 2014


“Zach – recently found you and your material… Thanks for the videos and keep up the great work.”

— Steve, February 2014


“Love your golf video.”

— Gene, February 2014


“Thanks Zach. I think this will really help me as have your other instructions. With your help I cut my handicap in half from a 15.”

— Michael, January 2014


“I very much appreciate your teaching style. The videos are some of the best I’ve seen to date. … I really appreciate your teaching methods. It’s easy to see why you are one of the best golf instructors to date. Thanks much.”

— Dan, January 2014


“I can’t thank you enough for your expertise on his swing. He is hitting the ball better and better, thanks to you. … You have been doing wonders with him. He listens and implements everything you say. … Thanks so much.”

— Mickey, January 2014


“After watching hundreds of video clips — appreciating your effortless, elegant, but powerful swing demonstrations — I have nothing to say but tell you: ‘I love you, Zach! You are the greatest golf guru I’ve ever seen.’ Thank you a million for your whole-hearted devotion to golf teaching and countless kindly, innovated, and detailed remindings and examples, which have successfully improved my swing on a huge scale. … You have made my golf life alive!”

— Christian, January 2014


“I used one of your great videos in my blog, hope you don’t mind.”

— Al, November 2013


“I had to take a minute to let you know what a great instructor you are. Golf has some concepts that are not easy to explain, however you make it easy. I wish you were closer to GA because I definitely could use a lesson. Keep up the great work, we really appreciate you.”

— Daniel, November 2013


“I’ve watched your youtube videos and have learned a lot from them. Especially the wedges. I think its great that you have the ability to take swing videos and critique them.”

— Aaron, November 2013


“That ‘Never Get Stuck Again’ video describes my swing perfectly. Great video. You seem to have a great understanding of the golf swing. I will come see you in the next few months.”

— Jeremiah, September 2013


“I just viewed one of your videos on YouTube regarding how the golf club drops on the downswing. This video really helped my golf swing a lot!!”

— Gary, September 2013


“I ran across one of your videos and I gotta tell you, it made a lot of sense.”

— Leo, September 2013


“Just wanted to compliment you on your excellent fall 2013 article in GolfTips Magazine. It’s the first time I’ve had the body mechanics of a swing explained in easy to understand terms that I can actually translate for my own use.”

— Esa, August 2013


“Been watching all your video lessons. A friend showed me your YouTube page. It has really helped my game tremendously. Best instructor I have watched hands down.”

— Daniel, August 2013


“Wanted you to know that your drill for coming over the top has made a huge difference in my game. It is complicated but simple and it has worked for me. My angle of attack and distance have increased dramatically.”

— Steve, August 2013


“I stumbled upon some of your videos recently. I found the drill to stop coming over the top helpful. I actually can see a difference in my swing after years of trying other fixes. So thank you. Of course I’ve gotten some odd looks when I keep dropping the club behind me : )”

— Jason, August 2013


“Hi Zach. I’m a huge fan of yours!”

— Guy, August 2013


“I just wanted to compliment you on your videos. I used to golf a good bit but quit for a while. Your simple advice is great and I plan on having my kids watch your video lessons.”

— Jack, July 2013


“Thanks for preparing me to be able to compete in Ireland. I won our tournament and averaged net gross of 82.3 for the week. Won the trophy and $. Thanks for all your help. You are awesome. Thanks for your help.”

— Mark, June 2013


“I wanted to drop you a note of thanks. Once upon a time I played off near 10. Over the last year I developed the sh**ks which became very regular, destroying my confidence and getting me down in general and I’d gone up to shooting mid-high 90s. But this video coupled to the stop coming over the top has been a revelation. I’m hitting it like a dream now and better than ever!! I’m now aiming to break 80 for first time ever within weeks!”

— Adam, June 2013


“I wanted to thank you for posting your drills on YouTube. ‘The Best Drill Ever for Coming Over the Top’ speaks to me. I am a slicer. I worked on the feeling of dropping the club and maintaining the shaft angle at the range. I have to say that when I concentrated on these things at half speed it produced surprising results. I hit shots same distance as my old full swing and I hit them straight! This was a real ‘dawn breaks over Marblehead’ moment for me. I am working on this with all of my clubs in the bag at the range and hope to bring this approach to the course. Thank you again.”

— Daniel, June 2013


“I came accross ‘Best Drill Ever for Coming Over the Top’ on YouTube. This really makes sense and I cant wait to get to the range and try it out. I made my way to your web site and will be enjoying your lessons and tips.”

— Jeff, June 2013


“Hi Zach. I’m a big fan of your teaching style/knowledge on YouTube.”

— Don, June 2013


“Great instructional video on the ‘Kinematic Start’! That move with the left knee has really locked in my swing, and I thank you for sharing that tip.”

— Ed, June 2013


“Just wanted to let you know that this video has helped my swing more than anything else ever has. I was making a pretty hard swing and had an over the top move, but couldn’t really shake it. Never even did the drill, just your explanation made it so easy for me to see that I could feel it in my swing immediately. Can’t tell you how much more fun the game is now. This one video gave me instant results… a major break though in my swing. Thanks so much!”

— Josh, June 2013


“Zach, I had to contact you to thank you for the over the top drill on dropping the club. I have been struggling with the shanks for many years and was ready to give up the game completely. Looked at many videos and took lessons, but to no avail. I was trying to change my grip, stand closer or further away, take the club back differently, etc. But it actually took one view of your video on dropping the club down my back that fixed my issue. It forced me to let loose of the club at the end of my backswing and apparently bring my downswing back on plane. Even though I’ve played golf for 30 years, this one video gave me a whole new feeling in my hands and in my swing that allows me to swing easily and naturally instead of fighting my swing all the time. Thank you so much.”

— Paul, June 2013


“I’m a junkie for your videos.”

— Rick, June 2013