Kinematic Start


Zach analyzes the left knee’s role in powerful golf swings using Fred Couples and Mac O’Grady as examples.

Key takeaways include:

• Left knee initiates before the end of the backswing

• Quick and powerful snap from the ground up

• Weight moving forward and downward


  1. ronnie mallilo says:

    hi zach ,i took an online lesson with you last year ,very good lesson ive taken online lessons from swingfix
    im more confused , i was told by my friend and online that i dont cock my wrists , and i know i dont know how and when do i just bend my right arm when club gets to my right leg , i was told that by mike herbron in smithtown ny ? then was told my wrists cock is preset at address dont worry about it by joe rehor in bethpage ny ? and then my downswing i come over the top and lost distance told to keep right shoulder back ect ect but nothing about lower body i tried to throw sidearm move my left hip turn everything ?// see just confused , please help zach again thankyou

  2. Sorry for your struggles Ronnie, I would seek a good instructor in your area, and book with him once a week for 2 months, I promise you will be doing great afterwards.

  3. tks again zach, awesome trigger using the knee first, gets the other pieces in the proper lineup and very balanced outcome on the finish. heading down to AZ in Mar 2015, stopping Palm Desert then to AZ, if we get the time will swing by Burbank and see if I can get some personal lessons from you, big follower, your one of the best, good job man!

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