Is Lag Hurting Your Swing?

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The Slot at the Top

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Right Side Power

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Pivot Lag

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When hitting driver, do you drop and turn your front shoulder like irons? Or are you more level?

      — Larry, New York City

Great question! The driver shoulder turn is exactly like the irons: down and then around. The only real difference is the setup. We are slightly more upright because of the longer shaft. This makes the turn appear more flat, but it should feel the same as the irons.

In Why You Top The Ball, you discuss pushing up through the shot zone. In Sequence is Everything you discuss standing up through the hitting area as early extension. Can you please clarify?

      — Richard, China

Great question. If you are standing up thru the ball by losing your posture, or spine angle, that is early extension. However, if you are pushing off the ground with your legs, while clearing your hips, and at the same time maintaining your spine angle, this is the powerful hit thru motion you are striving to create. This has the right blend of speed, for power and stability which produces consistency.

How do you track shots during a round?

      — Matt, Antelope Valley

I usually use an iPhone app — like GolfShot — to track my statistics. It tracks all of the major statistical categories: putting, scrambling, bunkers, greens, and fairways. Better yet, its companion app — GolfPlan — analyzes the data to identify strengths and weaknesses relative to your handicap. A simple, effective way to monitor your progress.

What’s a good short game practice routine?

      — Matt, Antelope Valley

A great way to improve your short game — and your scoring — is a drill I call the scoring zone. Drop one ball inside 100 yards, then play it until you hole out. The trick is altering each hole. Different distances. Different lies. 45 yards on an upslope. 78 yards from the rough. 95 yards on a downslope. Every hole is a par three, and your goal is breaking par.

Focusing on this area of the scoring zone improves your putting, chipping, and partial wedge swing. This is where great scores are made — or lost.

Sequence is Everything

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How do I get your tips and tutorials?

      — Carter, Ontario

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