Sequence is Everything


Zach explores why sequencing is fundamental to good golf swings — capping his analysis with a Charl Schwartzel example.

Key takeaways include:

• (1) Club head, (2) hands, and (3) arms — in that order!

• Bump hips before reaching top of backswing

• Down and through — extend arms

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  1. Hi Zach do I use my core to shift left to start the downswing can you help me kind regards jamie

  2. Paul Patin says

    Zack, love all your videos lessons. I have a question. When the club and arms fall while shifting the weight towards the target, is this a gravity type speed or a fast dropping of the club/arms with speed?

  3. Hi Zach I want to buy your book shank I have an android device and cannot download from iTunes s? Can you make it available for Android? Or can I buy it ad a hardback ? Jamie

  4. Hi Zach;
    This is my biggest issue with my game. I have no woosh at the bottom of my swing. The pro I used to see told me I have to get my hands higher but that really hasn’t made much difference. I normally use only a 3/4 swing because that’s my best for consistent contact. I’ve also practiced next to people having no longer a swing than mine but yet have a very distinct speed woosh. I’ve tried loosening my grip but that’s made no difference either. Even when hitting solid shots, my lack of speed is costing me distance. I’m a senior in good physical shape, using graphite senior shafts so it seems I shouldn’t have this issue at all. Any ideas? Thanks.