Right Side Power


Zach contrasts how many amateurs incorrectly use their right sides with the proper way to generate power using the right side of body.

Key takeaways include:

• Weight pressure to lead foot

• Pull club straight down connecting the right upper arm

• Right forearm points past the ball at impact

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  1. Gavin Craig says

    Great demonstration Zach. I really like the pull down as a starting move. Thanks for posting.

  2. Gale Murphy says

    Again, another great tip Zach! Love your you simplify the breakdown so you can learn from tip. In your description of the 3 variables, I run into variable #2 about 25% of the time and know exactly when it happens. The striking the club in the sand is a great way to get the feeling to correct. Thanks again! Your a great coach!

  3. Hi Zach;
    I often hear you & other teachers use the phrase “pull down” when initiating the down swing. Is this actually a pull down, or gravitational falling of the club? Thanks.

  4. David ONeill says

    Great Video and demo. Good to have your postings back Zach.

  5. Paul Patin says

    Best video lesson I’ve seen. If we could just practice keeping our right shoulder in position at the start of the downswing, we could stay up with Adam Scott and Tiger Woods. Would need to work on this move for a few months, each and every day with Zach Allen. Too bad he is in California and I’m in Louisiana.