Z-School: Proper Setup


ZachAllenGolf.com features hundreds of tutorials, drills, videos, and articles — all designed to improve every aspect of your game. But aspiring golfers often find the depth and breadth of material overwhelming.

Where to begin?

Welcome to Z-School! This online curriculum provides direction for your studies. Follow the recommended lesson plans — diligently and in order — to improve specific aspects of your game.

This particular syllabus addresses proper setup — grip, posture, and pre-shot routine. Use these video tutorials to achieve proper setup…

Lesson #1 — Better Footwork For Iron Distance
– Novice-level tutorial
– Drill to improve footwork and increase iron distance
– Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth examples

Lesson #2 — Easy Rhythm and Tempo
– Novice-level tutorial
– Improve rhythm and tempo of swing
– Graeme McDowell and Sergio Garcia examples

Lesson #3 — Posture for Power and Compression
– Novice-level tutorial
– Importance of posture at address and impact to achieve better compression
– Tiger Woods example

Lesson #4 — Bring Your Game From The Range To The Course
– Intermediate-level tutorial
– Pre-shot routine
– Rory McIlroy example

Lesson #5 — Rory McIlroy Iron vs. Driver
– Intermediate-level tutorial
– Driver versus pitching wedge comparison — differences in goals, setup, and execution
– Rory McIlroy example

Lesson #6 — Impact Adjustments for Different Clubs
– Intermediate-level tutorial
– Adjustments necessary for properly striking each club

Lesson #7 — Pre-Shot Fundamentals
– Intermediate-level tutorial
– Elements of good pre-shot routines

Lesson #8 — Putting Fundamentals
– Intermediate-level tutorial
– Proper putting setup

Lesson #9 — One Ball Position For All Shots
– Intermediate-level tutorial
– Proper ball position for each club

Lesson #10 — Gripping The Club For Maximum Lag
– Intermediate-level tutorial
– Proper grip for increasing distance

Lesson #11 — Grip It For Power
– Advanced-level tutorial
– Proper grip technique
– Benefits from strengthening grip