Putting Aids

“It is not easy to learn and maintain a consistent putting stroke, here are some highly recommended putting aids to assist you.”

Bee Line Putting String
Bee Line Putting String   “Great for ingraining the proper aim and consistent path, one of the few swing aids used by Tiger Woods.”



Line-M-Up   “Nine out of 10 PGA and LPGA tour players draw an aim line on their ball for proper alignment, you should too.”
Golf Metronome Pro
Golf Metronome Pro   “Tiger Woods has a putting rhythm of 76 BPM, or beats per minute, a metronome will help you find and maintain yours.”
Arc Glider

Arc Glider   “A great trainer in developing an on-line stroke, eliminates any twisting or face rotation.”
No 3-putt

No 3-putt   “After practicing with this hole reducer, the real hole will look like a bucket. Also helps focus your putting practice.”
Accelerator Deluxe putting mat

Accelerator Deluxe putting mat   “Practice and groove your short putting stroke in the comfort of your own home.”