Chipping Acceleration

Bullet Points for Chipping Acceleration

    • Keep your right arm straight in the backswing
    • Accelerate smoothly with your body turn and club
    • Follow through is longer than the backswing



  1. Tiger Jr. says:

    Should the downswing always accelerate (i.e., be faster than the backswing)? Or is an even tempo preferable for some chips (like short chips)?

  2. Michael Davidian says:

    I like alot of your videos esp the one on driving with a practice bucket b/t your arms and getting more flat at the top. It has not only helped by strong fade but also given me an extra 20 yards ( to about 260). I am a 5 handicap and at age 52 that’s not too bad, in fact it’s the lowest it’s ever been. I wonder if you have a good video on adjusting the distance to the pin out of the trap. And do you have a full video series that I can buy?

  3. That is great distance, and an even better handicap. One simple way of adjusting distance out of the trap is by the length of follow thru. 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and full finish will all produce different length bunker shots. Usually in the area of 10, 15, 20, and 25 yds. I will do a video in relation to this soon. I am in the process of writing a very different video series, for learning the golf swing in a whole new light. Stay Tuned.

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