Chip Like Tiger Woods

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Chipping Flow Drill

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What do you think about cross handed chipping?

      — Lou, San Diego

Cross handed chipping is a great option for someone struggling to execute a conventional chip shot (probably because of the chipping yips). Changing the grip in this fashion is an excellent way to “restore the system.”

Chris Couch is a great example of a PGA Tour player who rebuilt his career around a cross handed chipping change. Couch won his first tour victory by chipping in cross handed (2:18 into video) at the 2006 Zurich Classic.

Greenside Greatness


As you can see here, I’ve got a 40-yard bunker shot, which is arguably one of the game’s hardest tests. I’ll show you two ways to play it, depending on the kind of sand that you find in the bunker.

The first is when the sand is pretty firm. Take your most lofted wedge (in this case, I’ve chosen my 60° lob wedge) and pick it clean, taking sand only after you hit the ball. To help pick it clean, I’ve moved the ball about an inch back in my stance and am placing a little more weight on my left side. This helps create a downward blow and ensures that the club bottoms out a little bit earlier than usual so I’m sure to catch the ball first. I stand tall at address and remain so through the shot. [Read more…]

My Favorite Tips And Drills

Just because the golf season is near a close, there’s still plenty of work to do if you want to keep your swing fresh and up to par for the next golf season. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to grind out in the cold all winter (Arizona and Palm Springs are great places to be in January, by the way), but with a handful of quick tips and drills that I show here, staying in top form this off-season ought to be a lot easier and more fun. And for those of you blessed with the time and resources to play golf all year long, let these next few pages serve as a blueprint for playing your best golf now, and into the next playing season.

One of my favorite drills for perfecting the impact position is to do what I call the “clap your hands” drill. What this drill does is help you get a sense of what it means to stack your left side at impact and make solid contact into the golf ball. [Read more…]

The Bellied Wedge

Chipping Flow

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Chipping Acceleration

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