Gripping The Club For Maximum Power


Zach addresses grip fundamentals, including a common mistake made by many amateurs.

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Zach’s comprehensive treatise on golf’s dreaded mishit — the shank. This revolutionary golf primer incorporates numerous multimedia features, including: (1) video explanations and drills, (2) interactive photo galleries and diagrams, and (3) self-test diagnostics. Get your copy!


  1. Barry Simms says

    I picked up golf 13 years ago played a few times over the course of 2 years then didn’t picked them back up again til last may. I took 8 lessons and now I can’t stop. I stumbled upon your tutorials And found every single tip I have tried from your tutorials were right. I’m still a lower than average golfer but I find your work very helpful. I’m still developing the mental aspect of the game. Once I hit a few bad shots I’m mentally zoned out and frustrated. I haven’t graduated from a par 3 course because of it. I will continue to watch and learn. Thanks again!