Hit and Hold


Zach introduces the “hit and hold drill” — demonstrated by Mac O’Grady — to improve swing mechanics and impact position.

Key takeaways include:

• Transfer weight aggressively to forward foot

• Extend arms through hitting area

• Hips continue to rotate (while you apply brakes and hold)


  1. Clayton Scoble says

    Hi Zach,

    I’ve done a few video lessons with you in the past, and they have been great.
    This particular drill has been my go-to when my striking isn’t feeling crisp.
    In fact, I’ve found this thought – of extending the arms out to the target – so valuable, that it is now my #1 swing thought at all times, not just as a fix drill.
    I’d love to hear a few more detailed thoughts from you about WHY this drill/ swing thought produces such incredible results.
    Many thanks for all of your excellent instruction!