Jordan Spieth: Keeping It Square


Zach analyzes Jordan Spieth’s golf swing, deciphering the key to his amazing consistency.

Important takeaways include:

• Club face watches ball

• Hips and torso lead way

• ‘Soft’ arms drag club through ball

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  1. Barry Brenner says

    Thank you so much for this and every other video you produce. You are an exceptional golf instructor!
    I have been incorporating this swing along with a Hogan style of pivot and the results are truly amazing. At 65 years old, I’m very happy the the distance, consistency and accuracy from this swing. Thanks again for all you do.

  2. Roger Manning says

    Zachary Allen’s instruction technique and explanations are so clear and lucid. They are short, to the point and easy to follow. Thanks Zach. Excellent!

  3. Is this not basically the same swing Steve Stricker uses? No wrist or arm roll through the ball.