Kinematic Chain For Power


Another oldie but goodie. This tutorial addresses sequencing and introduces the step-through drill to train the proper kinematic chain.

Key takeaways include:

• Pull left foot back to the right

• Begin kinetically with your feet and step

• Allow clubhead to lag and trail

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  1. Paul Patin says

    Zack, I get plenty out of all your instructional u tubes. wish I were in California.

    Paul Patin

  2. Buddy Champion says

    Great Tip and the one the other day on pulling your club down keeping the lag. I have trouble releasing the club to soon. Working to correct this.

  3. Does the head not stay down thru impact & come up after the ball leaves the impact area?

  4. Buddy Champion says

    Yes, my best shots are when I stay down and thru the ball