Never Get Stuck Again


Zach discusses techniques to help advanced golfers avoid pushes and hooks.

Key takeaways include:

• Hinging and opening club face during takeaway

• Less body turn with more vertical arm swing

• Swinging more left and striving to hit pull fades


  1. Bobby Clarke says

    Just became a big fan of yours today…Are you still doing video swing reviews? I’ve been video taping my swing “progress” for almost a year now. My handicap is going the wrong way.,. I just watched your video “Never get stuck again”. I’ve been struggling with “across the line” and hitting big pushes and hooks. Going to try some of these remedies (club rotation, lift, pull fade path) tonight on the range. Can’t wait!

  2. I have been trying to fix my hook and “stuck” position for years, have read thousands of tips/books. Nobody could cure it until I saw this miracle video. Your student at the end had my exact “before” moves. This is genius. Thanks Zach!

  3. Glad you are now unstuck!

  4. Would love to help you out, I have on-line video lessons available that our very helpful, and quite inexpensive.  This might be a great option for you.