Pitching Consistency


Zach discusses pitching techniques. Takeaways include:

• Ball in the middle of your stance

• Club always points to your navel

• Slide the bounce of the club across the turf


Zach demonstrates the Navel Drill to eliminate chunking.


  1. I really like your instruction videos, I think they are going to be a great help. The reason I found your website was looking for answers to the wedge shot shanks. I noticed in your pitching video that you teach to stand very close to the ball. Can I avoid the shanks standing that close?

  2. Byron Nelson, arguably the best short iron player of all time, and the one they patterned the Iron Byron machine after said you cannot stand too close to the ball. I believe he was making a point, that good iron players setup very close to the ball, and from their make a motion with the hands staying very close to the thighs thru the hitting area. This is the best way to guarantee consistent sweet spot contact. However, if your hands are not close to your thighs thru impact, then standing close to the ball is a tough option.