Rory McIlroy Push Draw Distance


Zach examines Rory McIlroy’s swing for the secret of his power and accuracy.

Key takeaways include:

• Visualize push draw (starts left and curves back)

• Setup with hands forward and club face open

• Swing out to the right, pushing balls right of target

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  1. Tristan Enverga says

    Hi Zach,
    Common approach for a draw shot is having the face shut at address instead of open, but this video proves that wrong! I’m wondering now ,how do you approach hitting a fade shot instead,with regards to address and club face orientation?Is it opposite of what the common approach is ,being clubface open,with an open stance?Thankyou,you’re videos are very enlightening ,to say the least.

  2. Hi Zach;
    It looks like Mcilroy is set up square to the target line in this video. Others on the internet specify a somewhat closed stance with the inside swing path. Before seeing this video, I was using that frame of reference & either hit a straight push or a snap hook. Now I’m looking forward to trying your method as it definitely makes more sense as starting with an open face should prevent the hook. Great video & thanks for all your instruction.