Slow Down to Speed Up


Zach introduces a drill to avoid overusing the upper body and keep the head still during the swing.


  1. allen burdett says

    great tip. very important to me, and probably many others.

  2. Great tip. Thanks Zach!

  3. Thank you again for this great.l think l need to p-ractice thi9s daily in order to ingrain in my mind.

  4. Zack the tip you have for keeping your right elbow almost connected to the right hip in the downswing is great and it makes sense in that it helps “ground” the elbow and makes the rotation into the ball a straiter path!!!…….WOW!!! where do you get this stuff!!!…..I went out saturday and hit a bucket of balls and I wished I’d seen this video before as I hit the ball in every direction but strait!!!…I’m saving for a lesson you don;t have a discount or coupon day do you???….lol