The Delayed Hit


Zach introduces the “waggle drill” to improve impact position and promote lag.

Key takeaways include:

• Waggle with slight wrist break and right elbow in

• Initiate with hips and lead with grip end

• Hips clear as ball trapped against turf


  1. bob robinson says

    Great instructions.

  2. Thank You Sir!

  3. Glenn Gumley says

    Zach, your golf instruction videos are fantastic and simply to understand. I plan to take golf lessons from you even though I live in Denver, Colorado. After 40 years of golf I finally understand the mechanics for the proper impact position. I’m still challenged to learn this simply sequence as my club face is still open 15 degrees at impact. which prevents me from pinching the ball against the turf. What would you suggest to get the club face squared up at impact?

  4. Rob Alsbury says

    Great instruction man. i’m a OBSESSED golfer. I dream of it.
    your videos are shedding some light.

  5. Alistair Beaton says

    Sorry, Zach, I thought this seemed a great tip and tried it on the golf range, but found it a sure fire recipe for shanking when I hit full shots.

  6. Gavin Craig says

    Thanks for the drill. Lag and weight shift are my biggest challenges, and this is a great drill that you can use even on the range and the course (without hitting the ball of course).