Upgrading Tommy Armour 845 irons (steel stiff). Considering Callaway X2s. My 7-iron swing speed is 85mph. I’m 48, fit, and a good ball-striker. Stiff or regular flex?

      — Chris, Estero

Tommy Armour 845s? What a great set… 20 years ago! All kidding aside, they were one of the best irons. With today’s technology, however, it’s time for an upgrade.

The Callaway X2 Hot Pro irons are a great set — especially for the price — plus they come with a great stock shaft in the True Temper Project X95. Slightly lighter weight than the Original Project X. If you compare the standard loft and shaft length from your 845s to the new X2 irons, you will probably gain one club in distance right there. Plus more forgiveness with the X2’s without losing that classic iron look.

I would stay with the stiff shaft — your swing speed numbers can handle it no problem. You might gain a little distance with a regular shaft, but you would lose consistency. Plus, you are already accustomed to the stiff flex.

I would treat yourself to an upgrade. I see no downside — only more distance with the same effort. And I promise they will be easier to hit in the long irons.


  1. Buddy Champion says

    I had a set of Tommy Armor 845′ for about 15 years but update to calloway irons a couple years ago. Really liked the 845’s but i felt there was better equipment out there.