Z-School: How To Fix A Slice

How To Fix A Slice

ZachAllenGolf.com features hundreds of tutorials, drills, videos, and articles — all designed to improve every aspect of your game. But aspiring golfers often find the depth and breadth of material overwhelming.

Where to begin?

Welcome to Z-School! This online curriculum provides direction for your studies. Follow the recommended lesson plans — diligently and in order — to improve specific aspects of your game.

This particular syllabus is intended for slicers. Try these surefire video tutorials and drills to eliminate slicing…

Lesson #1 — Slow Down to Speed Up
– Novice-level tutorial
– Drill to avoid overusing upper body and keep head still during the swing

Lesson #2 — Taking the Club Around the Corner
– Novice-level tutorial
– Train arm muscles to properly transfer the club from one side of the body to the other

Lesson #3 — The Magic of the Right Arm…
– Novice-level tutorial
Water bottle drill to cure shanks

Lesson #4 — Grip It for Power
– Novice-level tutorial
– Proper grip technique, benefits from strengthening grip, and grip flaw analysis

Lesson #5 — Right Side Under
– Intermediate-level tutorial
– Train right foot and ankle to plant and move properly

Lesson #6 — Kinematic Start
– Intermediate-level tutorial
– Left knee’s role in powerful golf swings

Lesson #7 — Rory McIlroy Push Draw Distance
– Intermediate-level tutorial
– Secrets of Rory McIlroy’s power and accuracy

Lesson #8 — The Mystery of Impact Solved
– Intermediate-level tutorial
– Proper head position at impact

Lesson #9 — The Last Lesson You Will Ever Need
– Intermediate-level tutorial
– Simplifying the golf swing

Lesson #10 — It’s All in the Hips
– Intermediate-level tutorial
– Relationship between hips and power
– Drill to improve hip rotation
– Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson examples

Lesson #11 — Best Drill Ever for Coming over the Top
– Intermediate-level tutorial
– Drill to cure coming over the top

Lesson #12 — Free Wheeling Release for Power
– Advanced-level tutorial
– Relationship between “free wheeling” release and increased power
– Drill to improve release mechanics

Lesson #13 — Kinetic Chain for Power
– Advanced-level tutorial
– Starting downswing from ground up
Step-through drill to generate more power driving.

Lesson #14 — Better Driving Sequence
– Advanced-level tutorial
– Drill to improve driver takeaway and sequencing

Lesson #15 — The Proper Swing Plane Shift
– Advanced-level tutorial
– Drill facilitating proper swing plane

Lesson #16 — Shoulder Plane Gets Everything on Plane
– Advanced-level tutorial
– Shoulder plane’s effect on swing mechanics
– Drill to improve shoulder plane technique